Principal Investigator

Kevan Shokat

Administrative Coordinator

Delaney Lynch (joined the lab in 2013)

Clinical Researchers:

John Chorba, M.D.(joined the lab in 2011)

Masato Sasaki (visiting scientist 2016-2018)


Krister Barkovich (joined lab in 2013)

Chimno Nnadi (joined lab in 2014)

Allison Wong (joined lab in 2014)

Steven Moss (joined lab in 2016)

Kevin Lou (joined lab in 2016)

Shizhong (Albert) Dai (joined lab in 2017)

Doug Wassarman (joined in 2017)

Lawrence Zhu (joined in 2018)

Jack Stevenson (joined lab in 2018)


Qi Hu (joined lab in 2015)

Ziyang Zhang (joined lab in 2016)

Jim Melnyk (joined lab in 2017)

Ying Shi (joined lab in 2018)

Matthew Peacock (joined lab in 2018)