SPOT is a free program for the analysis of lipid kinase assays.

Knight, ZA, Feldman ME, Shokat KM (2007) A Membrane Capture Assay for Lipid Kinase Activity. Nature Protocols.


Installation from source: Download Unzip in a location of your choosing to create the folder spot_source. Within MATLAB, use File > Set Path to add the folder spot_source to the MATLAB path. At the MATLAB command prompt type “spot” to start the program.

Binary installation on a Mac: Before installation, ensure that you have installed X11 from your Mac OSX installation disks. Download or and unzip in a location of your choosing. Double click on run-me_ppc.command or run-me_intel.command to start the program.

Binary installation on a PC: Download and execute spot_pkg.exe. This will install the necessary matlab libraries and create spot.exe. Double click on spot.exe to start the program.



SPOT source code

SPOT compiled for Intel Mac

SPOT compiled for PPC Mac

SPOT compiled for PC